Hitz Fight Night At The Horseshoe







    Right after entering the Horseshoe Casino in the windy city, I could feel the excitement in the air. Hitz Boxing knows how to put on a good show and a good fight. The already bloodstained canvas is proof of that. The night started with a welterweight matchup. Clifford the magician McPherson entered the ring first with a record of 2-11-1. He is going up against Abdulai Amidu (16-0). Amidu’s jab controlled most of the fight. Mcpherson was floored 3 times in the first round. All the knock downs came from left hooks that were set up by a jab. The Winner Abdulai “the classic” Amidu by KO in the 1st. Amidu showed he is ready for a step up in class in his next fight.


    David Thomas 10-2-2 and Dontas Bondas 15-3-1 met in a Middleweight beat down. Bondas came out like a wild man landing a flush Frazier-esk left hook. Thomas kept a jab in his face and used his range. Thomas landed a left that cut and floored Bondas in the 1st. The 2nd was a different round as Bondas came out and kept the pressure on Thomas. Thomas never goes down but was out on his feet multiple times. Bondas pressure was too much and the ref had to step in and call it. Thomas had to be saved from himself. Bondas simply tenderized him.





    Next was a junior welterweight fight between Agustin Cicero (2-3-1) and Genaro Mendez (4-1-1). Mendez stalked Cicero all of the first round and eventually caught him in a corner and unloaded a combination. Cicero found a left hook, in the second round that he couldn’t seem to miss but he didn’t faze Mendez, who kept up the pressure. He reminds me slightly of the ‘Baby Bull’ Juan Diaz by his style and look. Mendez cut Cicero with an uppercut and lost all respect for him, as he walked through his punches; both fighters taking some shots, putting their chins on display. Before the start of round four Mendez’ corner is begging him for a knockout. Mendez gave it all he had but Cicero chin was to good. Great action bout but I had a shutout for Mendez and the judges agreed with me; possibly the best fight of the night.


    Fred Thomas squared off in his pro debut versus Simon Buettner (2-0) in a super middleweight bout. Both started strong but a little sloppy. A clash of heads floored Thomas who got up and got punished for the rest of round 1, with good mix of body work and head shots. Both fighters began round two trading and Buettner won the exchange with a crisp right hook, leveling Thomas like a sack of potatoes. Buettner lived up to the punisher nickname and moved to 3-0 with a knockout victory. He started sloppy and reckless but really found his groove. Watch out for this kid.


    In another dual pro debut clash, Bill Finn faced off against Johnathan Manos. Manos clearly the hometown favorite as the Horseshoe erupted during his introduction. Manos started off timid, after all it is his pro debut. Manos was doing good countering Finn landing a hard right on the top of the head the wobbles Finn. Manos did great bodywork knocking Finn down 3 times before stopping him. I really like Manos; I believe I will see him again on HBO or Showtime very soon. He showed a lot of maturity for a rookie.


    Joshua “the hillbilly heart throb” Clark (1-1-1) spent all his energy in the first 30 seconds coming out like an enraged psychopath throwing reckless bombs at Brian Houston (1-0). Houston dodging and ducking under the now slow Clark and countering fairly effectively. Houston worked like a true ring general in round two controlling the action. Round three came with both guys landing nothing almost all round but it appeared Houston was hurt with a right hand at the bell. Houston’s slickster came out as he ducks punches and lands overhand rights. Clark tried to come on at the end and steal the round but didn’t work on me. I had it 3 rounds to 1 for Houston but judges disagreed this time and it ends in a majority draw.

    Two lightweights Frank Scalise (4-1) and James Owens (4-6) had little to no defense as they teed off on each other. They continued to trade in round two, no one gaining the edge. Scalise traps Owens in the corner and lands a flush combo. Scalise backs off the pressure and Owens returns the favor. Late in the round Scalise lands a direct straight, Owens sits on the ropes defenseless and the ref calls it.

    Last but not least the heavyweight main event between Rodney Moore (17-5-2) and Andrey Fedesov (22-2).The Russian Fedesov has some noticeable power and tight defense. Moore has weathered the early storm and scoring with right left combinations. Moore stuck himself in the corner and was dazed but returned and hurt Fedesov but Fedesov starting to control the pace.

    Round four, Moore now plays the bull fighter tags and moves then yells “come on”; Fedesov now lunging in and scoring some devastating hooks. Moore winning rounds five with small pop shots. Fedesov corner begging for a uppercut (which has been there all fight) but it falls upon deaf ears. A left hook with a right cross grounds Moore, who almost went through the ropes. Fedesov is going to the body and it has depleted Moore of energy and willpower. In the last round Moore corner yells “go for broke” as he is well behind on the score cards. Moore doesn’t listen and coasts 79-72 and 82-71 loss.

    Hitz Boxing put on a good show full of action packed fights and up and coming stars. The Horseshoe Casino will host another fight night in February. Any true fight fans should go. I know I will be there.


    Photos provided by Photacy Phototgraphy.

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