Cotto Fires Shot’s At Bob Arum “The man is a big liar”


Miguel Cotto Roc NationIn boxing like in life, whenever there’s a divorce, it’s usually ugly. That case can be said with Miguel Cotto and his former promoter Top Rank Inc. Cotto made a splash in the boxing world when he announced his signing to Roc Nation. A person instrumental in building Cotto’s career and then rebuilding his career was Todd Duboef president of Top Rank. Duboef told that Miguel Cotto and his advisor Gabriel Peñagarícano were unprofessional in not returning emails or calls weeks prior. Bob Arum, the face of Top Rank Inc. even said Cotto promised Top Rank on his father that he would finish his career with the company.

Cotto denies ever saying such a thing.

“First of all, you can ask Bob Arum, following the end of our contract in February 2011 he and I never sat down to talk or discuss anything related to a fight. Every single time I sat down [to discuss my future plans with someone at Top Rank I sat down] with Todd Duboef. So all I have left to say is that the man is a big liar. I have nothing to say to Bob Arum. He never gave me anything. What I have is a product of my own effort. The money that Mr. Bob Arum invested in Miguel Cotto was money that he recovered ten folds,” Cotto told EL Vocero in a report done by

Cotto has always had the reputation of being a business man and says his move to Roc Nation Sports was about business.

This is a business and from the day I signed with them in 2001; I was a business in the eyes of Top Rank,” explained Cotto. “Here’s what’s bothering them (Todd and Bob); they are no longer going to see anything [from me].”

Cotto feels there’s a reason why their big stars always leave and go on their own.

“One plus one equals two in any language. They think I’m a moron, but I’m not,” Cotto said. “They spent years doing the same practice. It has happened to three boxers who have realized that.. Oscar de la Hoya, [Floyd] Mayweather Jr., and now Miguel Cotto. With all three – it was the same situation with the same common denominator.”