Danny Jacobs Ready To Take His Career To The Next Level, Possibly Fight For A World Title Against Peter Quillin


    It has been nearly two years since Danny Jacobs has been diagnosed with cancer and since then defeated cancer and his last four opponents. So what is next for Jacobs?

    On March 15th Jacobs will be taking on Milton Nuñez in his first fight of the year and should he walk away victorious he wants to take his career up to the next level and fight for a world championship.

    “The next level; given the fact that I do get the victory; you know I am ready for a title shot and the fans are screaming a particular fight that needs to happen,” said Jacobs. “With that being said I am just going to let my manager and my promotional company do what they do best and that is make the best fight for the fans. Not only for the fans but it would be a great fight.”

    When asked about the opponent being Peter Quillin, Jacobs hinted at it and claimed that the fans are calling for the fight.

    “Possibly. I guess the fans are calling this one out for me.”