De La Hoya Feels Mayweather Will Fight Cotto Instead of Pacquiao


    Oscar-de-la-Hoya-300For years the world has awaited a mega fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao and for years the world has been let down but will this year be the same?

    When news of negotiations for such a huge event began early this year fans were mixed on emotions. Do we get excited as we have in the past only to be disappointed yet again or do we just let it be?

    Currently, negotiations have reached the farthest they have ever been. Pacquiao has agreed to all of Mayweather’s demands and rumors have recently surfaced that Mayweather has accepted the terms as well but nothing is set in stone until contracts are signed and the fighters step in the ring.

    Oscar De La Hoya is very skeptical of Mayweather and does not believe that the fight will happen. Instead, De La Hoya feels that Miguel Cotto will opt out of a possible fight with Saul Alvarez and will step in to face Mayweather who De La Hoya has stated via Twitter will not fight the best (Pacquiao).

    “I get sick to my stomach that top fighters today don’t fight the best,” stated De La Hoya. “Wouldn’t be surprised if Mayweather fights Cotto. #Canelo5Mayo.”