Roach: ‘Cotto Promised Me He Would Knock Mayweather Out If I Was in His Corner’


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    According to Roach, Cotto is not in negotiations with Mayweather and the offer that was reported by a Puerto Rican newspaper is false.

    “40 million dollars is a lie and we were never offered that,” Roach told “I talked to Cotto and his manager and they said that was false. We’re negotiating with Canelo Alvarez and trying to make that fight happen. I think that’s a great fight, and I think the only fight bigger than that is Mayweather-Pacquiao. So one of those people are going to get the May 2nd date. I’m hoping Manny and Mayweather get that fight and if not Cotto-Canelo is a great fight too.”

    With Roach training both Pacquiao and Cotto, the question was posed as to which one of his star fighters he would prefer facing Floyd Mayweather. Like the rest of the world, Roach wants it to be Pacquiao.

    “Thats an interesting fight, Cotto-Mayweather 2,” stated Roach. “Miguel did promise me he would knock him out if I was in his corner, and we do work very well together. We worked out for 10 days trying to stay on top of things. I’d rather see Pacquiao fight Mayweather because the world wants to see that fight. I think Cotto should fight Canelo Alvarez because that Mayweather fight will still be there after. I like to see Manny get that first.”

    Roach, like the fans, is tired of waiting for the big fight because there’s only so many young inexperienced guys they can beat.

    “We have to stay busy and stay with what’s out there right now. The fans are tired of these young guys trying to beat Manny and Floyd. Manny was too experienced for Algieri. Algieri may not have matured into his best. Everyone wants to see this fight. If we get Mayweather to want to see this fight then we’ll be ok.”