Hopkins-Froch Great fight? Or Bad style Match Up


102114-Sports-Bernard-Hopkins-Sergey-KovalevBernard Hopkins has been boxing professionally for the past 27 years. At 50 years of age, Hopkins is still one of the world’s best fighters, despite taking a colossal beating at the hands of Sergey Kovalev, in October last year.

According to Matchroom Sports promoter Eddie Hearn, the fans want to see Carl Froch in the ring against Bernard Hopkins in 2015.
Is it feasible that the fans want to see ‘The Alien’ in the ring one more time? Absolutely. But, is it an articulate idea? Not in the slightest.

Hopkins (55-7, 32 KO) lost his first professional bout, but returned to become one of the greatest boxers of this generation, defending his IBF middleweight title 20 times, before a pair of controversial losses to Jermain Taylor, in 2005.

With the one-sided loss to Kovalev this past November, it is unknown whether Hopkins will ever be the same, but B-Hop is still calling out the world’s best.

Froch has been winning, but his hunger and desire to continue fighting in the sport, has been called into question.

With that being said, this is a recipe for a bad entree; a wasabi in your eye traumatic experience, which is a feeling that one will never forget.
Styles make fights, and while this fight looks tremendous on paper, I am 100 percent positive this would be quite the contrary.

Froch’s legacy is defined by his ability to battle through adversity, which he proved by knocking out Jermain Taylor in the waning seconds of their bout, in 2012. Needing a KO to win, Froch got the job done.

In his first bout against George Groves, Froch took a monstrous left hand in the first; one that dropped him to the canvas for only the second time in his career, but he battled back.

Froch began to wear down Groves as the fight went on, forcing the referee to stop the fight, albeit some saw it as a premature stoppage.
Bernard Hopkins is notorious for making others fight his fight, and both men are notorious for using the outside of the ring effectively; meaning someone has to engage. Hopkins, I guarantee you, will not be the one doing the engaging.

Given Froch’s lack of hand speed and defense, Hopkins will run circles around him, using the lead right and dirty tactics on the inside.
I still think Froch would win a very close decision, but there would be nothing to gain from this bout. Furthermore, there are just too many unknowns and with both men considering retirement, this is a fight that should not happen.

The only thing Hopkins has not done in his career is get knocked out. Let’s hope he chooses retirement.