Luis “Orlandito” Del Valle Ready For His Moment Against Vic Darchinyan

    (November 19, 2010 – Source: Al Bello/Getty Images North America)

    In every prospect’s career comes the moment when he must choose to take the “Road toGlory”; the defining fight that catapults you into a contender or into the very top of your division. That day is coming very soon for Luis “Orlandito” Del Valle (16-0, 11 KO’s) set for a collision course with the “Raging Bull” Vic Darchinyan- the former three-time world champion.

    Darchinyan– who is coming off of two consecutive losses– is still the most dangerous and experienced opponent of the young Puerto Rican’s career to date. This is a bit of a crossroads fight. On one side you have the young up and coming prospect looking to make the leap from prospect to top contender. On the other you have the cagey veteran looking to get back into title contention.

    Orlandito De Valle had this to say about his upcoming fight, “styles make fights, I’m going in there to get the W by knockout or decision, and I know I have what it takes. I know after September 29 I’m going to be in the mix and there’s going to be people after that avoiding me. We are going to win in a very convincing way either by knockout or decision, but in a very convincing way. There’s no pressure because whether I look bad winning or whether I look great, none of the guys that he’s (Darchinyan) fought, I know that they don’t have nothing I can’t handle. After the fight, if any of them (top fighters in his division) think they can do something with me, let’s get it done. Make that call, let’s do it because I know I can get in the [Ring]with any of them.”

    De Valle is how we should expect all our fighters to be. Never afraid to challenge himself; his last two fights have be gradual steps closer to lining up a title shot soon. De Valle knew little of who he was to face a few weeks ago, the only thing he knew was he was schedule to be on the holy grail of boxing- HBO. The drive and ferocity this young man possesses has to be at the top of his division and is something to admire. The sheer way this fight was agreed upon is testimony to that.

    “They told me I was going to fight on HBO and I said ok but then they (Lou Dibella) told me, what’s up with Vic Darchinyan; you know what you think about him?, I was like he can’t beat me! That’s the first thing I said; make it happen because he can’t beat me but honestly I didn’t take it seriously, I never thought it was going to happen,” De Valle  said.

    The name doesn’t concern De Valle and while a name like Darchinyan is a credible one to have, he’s more focused on capturing a title and becoming a champion.

    De Valle added, “I’m not a world champion yet; until I get there the work is not done. I need to get there, it doesn’t matter who they put in front of me, and until I’m a champion it’s just another stepping stone. It doesn’t matter the name it and it doesn’t matter the place, I just have work to do. I have a goal to accomplish which is to become a world champion but until we get there who ever they put in front of me is just another stepping stone. I have a lot of respect for Vic Darchinyan; this is definitely going to be the toughest fight of my career so far. We not taking him lightly but I know I have the tools and the hunger to win and everything that it takes to come out with the victory.”

    To those that feel this step up is too fast and too soon for De Valle, he disagrees. “No not at all. I was 8 years in the amateurs; I’ve been fighting basically in the national championships since I had 15 amateur fights and I’ve been fighting in the high elite competition level since the amateurs. So the past four years that I’ve been preparing in the pros, it’s just getting the record so I could bump into the elite class. I was telling my manger I can’t wait till I can get in a fight with a guy at the high level because I don’t want to be fighting guys that supposed to be on a lower level then me. It’s something that is a process that I know I have to go through but when you fighting on a higher level, it takes you to another level.”

    He also went on to say that this will be his moment. “So I was looking forward to this type of opportunity. I’m glad that’s it’s already here and like I said, I’m ready for this. I was born to do this coming from a family that already has a world champion, so it’s in my blood. The time is now, I’m physically and mentally ready and September 29 I’m going to show the boxing world the, new face in my division.”