Malik Scott Defeats Tony Thompson By UD


Malik ScottX Tony Thompson
PBC on Bounce TV made its return to Central Florida for the third time, featuring a clash of two heavyweight veterans; Malik “King” Scott (38-2-1 13KOs) defeating Tony “The Tiger” Thompson (45-6-0 27 KOs) via 10 round unanimous (98-91 96-93 95-94).

The fight was held at The Venue at UCF in Orlando, Florida.

Yesterday at the weigh-ins the 6’5 Thompson looked very soft weighing in at 263 lbs while the 6’4 Scott looked much fitter at 235 lbs. The fight, for the most part, resembled what was displayed at the weigh-ins with Scott out working the 44-year old veteran. The last few rounds Thompson had some success, even scoring a flash knockdown in the 9th. The resurgence wasn’t enough as Scott earned a clear decision.

Round By Round Analysis
Round 1
The fight began with Scott using his speed and boxing advantage against Thompson, who was stocking. Good round for Scott. 10-9 Scott

Round 2
Scott continued to box and landed some straight rights. Thus, far Thompson has had little to no effective work. 20-18 Scott

Round 3
Thompson began to use his size advantage by forcing Scott against the ropes. Despite the pressure, Scott pulled out the round with utilizing his movement and punching of the back foot. 30-27 Scott

Round 4
Another Scott round, Thompson still unable to land a punch to swing the momentum in his direction 40-36 Scott

Round 5
Scott letting his hands go, all most of Thompson’s work is being blocked. 50-45 Scott

Round 6
Thompson showing his aging looking like a 44-year-old; Scott cruising 60-54 Scott
Round 7
In control in the seventh, Scott begins to mock the flat-footed Scott sticking his tongue out. Thompson is so gassed Scott may be able to get a stoppage as the punches begin to really hurt the 44-year-old. 70-63 Scott
Round 8
Finally a round in the favor of Thompson. His pressure and power shots began to penetrate the guard of Scott. 79-73 Scott

Round 9
Huge right-hand floors Scott, who held the remainder of the round. Thompson showing determination to win, but it might be too little too late. 87-83 Scott
Round 10
Thompson was unable to finish what he started in the previous round. Scott appeared to recovery quickly and was able to avoid taking a clean Thomson power right. 96-93 Scott

“My skill set was good, but this is one of those tapes I will hate to look at when I get home. Tony got away with a lot. I was making him miss and not making him pay. But let’s not forget I haven’t fought for a whole year. I have to get more active, so after this fight, we’ll see what’s next. I’m never satisfied with my performances, but that’s what keeps me going.

“I was hurt in the ninth, definitely. But I’m in great shape and I wasn’t worried about it. I got through it and let him know he’d have to do it again to win this fight.