Sergey Lipinets Defeats Lydell Rhodes, By UD


Haskell Lydell Rhodes vs. Sergey Lipinets


Haskell Lydell Rhodes, Sergey Lipinets, ,The co-main of the PBC on Bounce TV featured a classic boxer vs. slugger matchup in the super lightweight division; Sergey Lipinets (8-0-0 6KOs) defeating Haskell Rhodes (23-1-1 11KOs) via unanimous decision (96-93, 98-91, 98-91).

The fight was located at The Venue at UCF in Orlando, Florida (the UCF basketball area).

In early rounds, Rhodes was making Lipinets look slow and limited landing flurries. As the fight progressed, the momentum began to shift toward the power punching Kazik native, forcing Rhodes into survival mode. At ringside I strongly disagreed with the scored and had Rhodes edging out the Lipinets by a point.

Round By Round Analysis
Round 1
The shorter slicker Rhodes seems to be frustrating the power punching Kazik native, landing the only scoring shots. 10-9 Rhodes
Round 2
Rhodes started the second round the same as the first dancing around out boxing the plodding Lipinets. As the round progressed Lipinets’ timing improving and landed a few heavy punches. 20-18 Rhodes
Round 3
Very similar to round 2 but Rhodes output was much lower; closer round. 30-27 Rhodes

Round 4
Lipinets’s finally began using a jab to set up his heavy right hand, but Rhodes continued to move around effectively and had the better activity. 40-36 Rhodes
Round 5
Rhodes is starting to mock the increasing frustrating Lipinets who is yet to land a significant power shot. 50-45 Rhodes
Round 6
A few big right hands landed for Lipinets, but Rhodes seemed to take them well. Very close round. 60-54 Rhodes
Round 7
Rhodes seemed to be tiring from being on his bike the entire night. By far Lipinet’s best round landing at least 7 clean power shots.
69-64 Rhodes
Round 8
The pressure of the heavy handed Kazik native seems affected Rhodes who was unwilling to let his hand go. 78-74 Rhodes

Round 9
Massive power shots from Lipinet, seriously hurting Rhodes, forcing him to attempt to hold.
87-84 Rhodes
Round 10
Rhodes clearly in survival mode. Finally, the referee takes a point away from Rhodes for holding. Lipinet is unable to drop Rhodes despite landing some brutal punches.
95-94 Rhodes