Martin Murray: “I Don’t See Any Weaknesses in Golovkin”


Gennady Golovkin Martin MurraySo how good is Gennady Golovkin? Well, his opponent Saturday feels he is very good, so good to even say that Gennady Golovkin has not wearing weakness.

“I don’t see any weakness in Golovkin, to be honest,” Murray told ESPN UK from Monte Carlo. “With Martinez and Sturm, they had both been beaten, so we were able to see chinks in their armor and study them before I fought them. With Golovkin, he has never been beaten or knocked down, and he has not shown any chinks in his armor yet. He’s younger and fresher than Sturm and Martinez were when I fought them as well.”

Many people, including Golovkin’s trainer Abel Sanchez, feel that Murray is an uncrowned champion. Murray went into Germany and drew against Felix Sturm. Then true to his road warrior mentality went to Argentina and lost to Sergio Martinez by the slimmest of margins. Many felt he won both fights.

On Saturday, he gets a third crack at a world title against a man that’s recognized as the best Middleweight in the world and to many the most avoided fighter in the sport. But Murray is keen on pulling the upset and feels his preparation has done him well.

“There are things that we have been working on that we are confident of will work in the fight on Saturday,” Murray added. “There are about ten game plans we have, all rolled into one. They are for all the different scenarios as to what might happen. I’ve never trained at altitude before and I’ve never worked harder in training. This is definitely the fittest I’ve felt going into a fight.”