Mike Tyson “It’s unlikely he[Mayweather] can knock Manny out”


MIke Tyson Manny Pacquiao Floyd Mayweather Jr.,Mike Tyson was involved in the last joint pay-per-view between HBO and Showtime when he took on Lennox Lewis. Lewis was the A-side in that event, so Mike Tyson knows about being the underdog. In the bout that’s taking place on May 2nd between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, Pacquaio plays the role of B-side and underdog. Tyson expects something special to happen on May 2nd.

“I thought from the start that Pacquiao is going to win,” Tyson told ESPN in a video interview. “This guy is perpetual motion. He comes from every angle. He’s all energy, always throwing punches. Never stops.

Tyson feels that if Mayweather wants to win, he has to come out swinging. He has to match Manny Pacquiao’s output in the ring. Tyson doesn’t see that happening though.

“Floyd tucks in and picks his shots, and he is more accurate,’ explained Tyson. “But he doesn’t throw anything like Manny’s hundred punches a round. It’s unlikely he can knock Manny out so if he wants to win he’s got to change. Unless he throws more punches, he can’t win the rounds.”

Tyson also believes that what Mayweather has done to win his last 47 fights will not work against Pacquiao and would advise Mayweather to study the Juan Manuel Marquez fights.

“He’s gotta do something different,” explained Tyson. “He needs to take a look at how the only opponents who have given Pacquiao trouble are Tim Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez, who also throw a hundred a round.”