Monday Night Fight Results: Prospect Eddie Gomez Stops Steve Upsher Chambers in 4


In the second bout of the Monday Night Fight’s prospect Eddie Gomez of New York took on Philadelphia’s prospect Steven Upsher Chambers in the Best Buy Theatre.

The bout started being a thinking man’s fight but it seemed as Gomez landed the better shots after Gomez landed a big right hand with both guys exchanging punches but Gomez’ right hand was strong. He took control of the round hurting Chambers along the ropes while Chambers stood on his feet and survived the round.

Chambers has his gloves up but Gomez is splitting the card pretty easy. Gomez rested more not trying to punch himself out. More straight shot combinations from Gomez through the guard. Chambers landed pity pat shots while more straight hands land for Gomez followed by more left hooks.

Third round, Gomez came out swinging with multiple combinations again hurting chambers. The ring is smaller and smaller for Chambers. Eddie is relaxed throwing a right hand after the jab. Gomez confident while dominating.
Chambers a durable as they come, starts to let punches go and stalk down Chambers. At times he did good work, but Gomez seemed to by the quicker guy in the exchanging and pitted chambers on the ropes and landed a big right hand, and Steve Smoger calls a halt to the fight, a little earlier than we expect.

Gomez said after the fight, “We ain’t second guess it, we took this fight. He fought Luis Collazo. He beat him; I’m trying to step it up. That’s a just a start to my career.” On Chambers, “You don’t got the power to get me with 6 KO’s. Regarding his showboating, “I was trying to bait him in and that’s how I got the stoppage. “