Pacquiao: ‘Mayweather Has Used More Than 10 Excuses Not to Fight Me’


    boxer-manny-pacquiao-smiles-during-a-media-workout-at-wild-card-boxing-club-in-los-angeles-calif-oct-26-2011Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather’s names have been tied together for years. Yet again in a recent interview the infamous question was asked to Pacquiao, Will a fight between you and Mayweather ever occur? Pacquiao responded, “If a fighter wants to fight they will fight. He has used more than 10 reasons not to fight, the blood testing, the share of the money, the promoters, and other things I don’t want to discuss.”

    In fair honesty both parties are responsible for not making the fight happen. According to ESPN, the Mayweather-Pacquiao mega fight was all but done for 2010, until Mayweather demanded additional drug testing up until 14 days prior to the bout; Pacquiao’s camp refused the offer and would only accept drug testing up until 24 days before the fight including the standard testing procedure right after the bout. The fight ended being called off, and Pacquiao went on to fight Joshua Clottey. After this incident chaos would break loose in the negotiations. It is difficult to gage all the factual information in the correct sequence it occurred amongst both parties, but the point being is the fight never occurred. During these issues a rivalry between promoters broke out, then the Cold War in boxing emerged. Mayweather in the meantime signed a record-breaking deal with Showtime, which solidified his position as the richest athlete in all of sports. There was absolutely no chance for the Mayweather-Pacquiao bout to be made at the time.

    Flash forward a few years when Pacquiao came back from a year long lay-off after suffering a devastating knockout loss from Juan Manuel Marquez, he finally undergoes more strenuous drug testing. In his recent fights it is evident his power had experienced a notable plunge, but still managed to convincingly defeat Brandon Rios, and Timothy Bradley in a rematch. His recent victories have resurfaced an interest amongst boxing fans to a possible Mayweather-Pacquiao clash.

    The big news of Bernard Hopkins a Golden Boy associate fighting on an HBO network against Sergey Kovalev has reiterated the possibility of a Mayweather-Pacquiao bout occurring. The only apparent barrier preventing this fight from coming into fruition is the tension between the promoters. To be clear Kovalev is not a Bob Arum fighter, it remains to be seen if Top Rank can negotiate any matchmaking with rival promoters working with Showtime. Pacquiao has admitted there have been serious negotiations behind close doors in making the Mayweather bout happen.

    People have speculated Chris Algieri a fighter with solid defense and who moves around the ring, was chosen to stylistically help prepare Pacquiao for a Mayweather bout next year. It is no secret Mayweather and Pacquiao have retirement in their minds in the near future. If this bout does come into fruition, it has to happen very soon. It will not be a surprise if this bout gets made next year, but it would also not be a surprise if it never happens at all.