Ring Kings and a possible Martinez-Chavez jr headline the morning 5/4 wire report


We are only one day away from May 5 and the showdown between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Miguel Cotto at the MGM, in Las Vegas Nevada. This super fight is considered to many as the best replacement for a match between Mayweather and his arch nemesis, Manny Pacquaio. The fight has been named Ring Kings, but after Cinco de Mayo there will only be one king left. For today I will write about Miguel Cotto and his camp as promised. Also we revisit the now famous Chavez Jr.vs Sergio Martinez possibility and Antonio Margarito’s quick change of plans. What Happened to Richard Abril’s Title, that and more on today Wire Report..

Ok ok maybe Mayweather and Cotto’s Face Off with Max Kellerman was a little boring, and granted the 24/7 episodes promoting the fight were not exactly the hype job we are use to. Mayweather showing respect to an opponent is unheard of and calling his foe a”True Warrior” is almost sacrilege. With all that said there is something I like about the lead up to this fight, there are no gimmicks. Usually we have to eat up a bunch of bullshit before a fight of this caliber happens, but the hype of this fight might just play itself out in the ring Saturday night. Miguel Cotto is saving his smack talk for the ring and although he is known more for knocking things down then for putting things up Cotto claims he will lay the blueprint down to beat Mayweather.

“If no one else has showed the way you beat Floyd Mayweather, if no one else has made the blueprint, you will see me show how you beat Floyd Mayweather,” said Cotto.
Short and sweet like I like my espresso..

When I think of the word spy I think of the master of espionage James Bond, not Cuban-born boxer Yuriorkis Gamboa. Floyd has been spreading rumors maybe to shake up Cotto’s camp or to put some distrust in the relationship that Miguel has with his Cuban trainer Pedro Garcia. Floyd says Gamboa has spilled the beans on how Diaz trains his fighters, and ultimately he will have an edge in the ring on Miguel Cotto. You see Garcia trained Gamboa for a short stint as an amateur, and Gamboa has also beaten some Garcia trained fighters while going up the amateur ranks in Cuba. So Pedro has gotten word of the Mayweather spy situation and had some words for Mayweather. ” Gamboa is a great fighter. He can tell Mayweather some secrets, but he won’t be able to tell him all of the secrets,” Diaz told BoxingScene.com. I think this is a great scare tactic that Floyd is using, he is a master technician and mind player.

News is, Antonio Marga-Cheato has to reschedule his fight against Abel Perry due to an injury to The Tijuana Tornado’s foot. No word has been said as to when the new date has been set for, and if Perry will still be the opponent.

Don’t think Mayweather is the only person with inside information, a little bird has told me that Carl Moretti of Top Rank Promotions has signed the promotional contract for Sergio Martinez to face the winner of the Julio Cesar Chavez Jr vs Andy Lee on June 16th. If this is true we may have a clash between Martinez and Jr sometime in the fall. Martinez has his doubts, “I already signed the document then went to Andy Lee. From Lee it went to Chavez, and I think from there it went to the Bermuda Triangle – because it Disappeared,” says Marravilla..

Richard Abril has received his WBA lightweight belt, and will remain its interim Champion, after investigation that had two strong allegations were indeed true. The first is based obviously on Brandon Rios’ weight that night, and the second based on the result of the fight.. After a panel of eleven officials reviewed the fight they proclaimed Abril to be the true winner of the fight. The vote was unanimous.. I thought I was the only person who had Abril winning that fight. Finally a fair decision, to bad it took a robbery to bring it to light.

That’s all for today’s Wire Report. I was waiting to write this report hoping for more rumors and gossip going around, but it was kinda slow today.. Check me out tomorrow as I get into the Mosley vs Alvarez fight, The Ring King Weigh In and more.. Thank you all it’s Fight Week you Animals!!  @number2snake

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