Shawn Porter Speaks on His Free Agent Status, Feels Brook Doesn’t Deserve a Title Shot


Recently, IBF welterweight champion Shawn Porter (24-0-1 15KO’s) put on an extremely impressive performance stopping two division world champion Paul Malignaggi in four rounds. He beat Malignaggi in a fashion in which no one had done before. Porter used his superior physical strength and size along with a nice jab and applied an immense amount of pressure against the aging former two division champ. He launched a savage onslaught on Paulie and made it his coming out party much like Pacquiao did against Barrera back in 2003.

Speaking of Pac Man, Porter has recently expressed his intention of wanting to fight Manny and Floyd for a welterweight unification showdown. While answering a question in a recent interview with Nestor Gibbs regarding a potential fight with Keith Thurman, Porter stated “I think where looking for something a little bit bigger and better, and what I mean by that is unifying the titles with the likes of Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather or someone of that caliber. I feel like this is my time and I’m here and I’m ready to make a big leap up.”

Obviously with the Cold war going on between Golden Boy and Top Rank a potential Pacquiao fight didn’t sound realistic. However, answering a question regarding that issue, Porter stated with a smile, “I know one thing, it’s been said if anybody can do it Shawn Porter could.” He went on to say, “We are free agents, we aren’t signed to Golden Boy. My dad and I, Team Porter, can do whatever we want.”

However, realistically speaking Porter is the current IBF titlist and Kell Brook is his mandatory. Regarding Brook, Porter said “It irks me that he’s in line for the title.” Porter made it crystal clear in the interview that he doesn’t feel Kell Brook deserves a shot at his title but he is willing to fight Brook to fulfill his duties as IBF champion.

However, if Brook ends up receiving another “injury” in training, Porter will not sit around and wait for Brook to get better. Instead, Shawn Porter made it clear that he will remain active and move on to other fights if such a thing happens. Regarding the issue Porter stated, “If something happens and he pulls out, were going to keep it moving.” Porter plans on being an active title holder regardless if Brook is able to fight or not.