The Ladies Corner: What It Takes To Work Public Relations in Boxing with Emily Pandelakis


    Have you ever wondered what goes in to being a PR for a professional boxer? Tha Boxing Voice recently had a chat with, Emily Pandelakis, PR to Ray Beltran, Orlando Salido,  Jose Benavidez Jr., Javier Garcia, Lateef Kayode and Jamie Kavanagh, just to name a few.

    TBV: Emily! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. The first question for you is; how did you get your start?

    EP: I wanted to be a boxer … at least say I tried. I started going to Central Boxing Gym here in Phoenix, and met Jose Benavidez Sr., who was the manager at the time. He started training me, and I started helping him promote his son (Jose Benavidez Jr). YouTube videos, computer stuff…once Junior went pro, he got a lot of attention because he was so young, so I created his Facebook page, and Jose had me start dealing with the media and fans. We did some charity events, that sort of thing. Eventually I decided, with the help of my friend and partner Kiona Arellanes, as well as Jose Sr., to branch out and start using my experience and contacts to help other fighters…

    TBV: You are a busy mom, stay active on social networking, and volunteer your time as well. You are superwoman! What would you say is the most challenging part of your work?

    EP: I would say maintaining balance is challenging. I really had to scale back some of the work I was doing in the evenings in the last quarter of 2012, because it was impacting my family. “ANOTHER INTERVIEW?”… I had to find time to get things done elsewhere. I have a lot less ‘me’ time, but my family is happy and I’m making progress in my boxing career. I guess just not getting too wrapped up in my work is sometimes a challenge.

    TBV: Totally understandable. Where do you see your career going, in the near future and in the long term? What are your plans for ‘Emily Boxing’?

    EP: In the short term, I want to work on perfecting the execution and consistency in the work I do with my fighters. I think there are areas I can improve, like communicating more regularly with the press on their behalf in between fights. I’m learning so much every day about the sport, the business and PR on the whole… I would say my overall goal is to become a known in the industry for the work I do, my work ethic and my integrity, and grow my company based on those things.

    TBV: Would you like to take the time to plug any of your fighters’ upcoming events?

    EP: For sure… of course Orlando Salido defends his title on January 19th… very excited for that. Isaac Tadeo (3-0 3KOs) is fighting 2/23 in Washington and Michael Medina will likely fight in February as well. We are waiting on confirmation.

    TBV: Would you say you have faced any challenges being a female PR in boxing?

    EP: Honestly I think it’s actually opened doors for me. A woman in a man’s business is a novelty, and at the least, people are willing to hear you out. I’ve tried to just prove myself as much as possible with my work, and really haven’t faced any issues because of my gender. On the contrary, I’ve been able to learn from people and work with people who might not have taken my call if I were a man, to be honest.

    TBV: Do you have any advice for anyone who wishes to pursue a career as a boxing PR?

    EP: Advice for someone getting into PR… I suppose the first and most important thing is that you represent your clients. You’re like a pane of glass that the public and media have to look through to see your client. You have to keep that glass clear and clean. Your own verbalized opinions, actions, the way you treat people can cloud that glass. My second piece of advice is just to get to as many events as you can and keep in contact with and be kind… always… to the people that helped you early on (media, boxing trainers, other PR etc.).

    TBV: You have an online fundraiser going on right now, what’s it all about?

    EP: We are trying to raise money to send some amateurs from here in Phoenix to the Silver Gloves National Tournament in Missouri at the end of this month. I have worked with these kids and their awesome families for about three years now, and I’m proud of them for advancing at Regionals last week. Next step is the National title…they just need a little help to get there. Folks can donate at

    TBV: Emily, thanks again for your time, before you go, would you like to leave your social networking sites and perhaps some of your fighters’ social networks so readers can follow you and them?

    EP: First, thanks for talking with me… I’m not usually on this side of the interview. I’m on Facebook, and @emilyboxing on Twitter. A few of my fighters’ Twitter handles are on my Twitter bio as well, so definitely follow them as well!

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