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Welcome back fight fans, I hope your weekend was interesting as mine..
There was lots of beer and chips, and even a slice of pizza. There was more beer then before I knew it… It was Fight Night. What a weekend it was ladies and gentleman.I couldn’t get the my report out yesterday, because Mayweather and Cotto weren’t the only two putting it down. I even made a fool of myself on the air, when i called in our radio show a bit tipsy and raunchy. So with no more further delay I present to you all of todays boxing news and gossip. Today I revisit Canelo vs Mosley, and of course Saturdays main event between Mayweather vs Cotto. Friday’s upset in Belfast where Paul McClosky got Chop Chopped. Nonito back in Cali, and Bute hurt, but not out and King Pete’s scandal…. All this and more on The Wire Report..

Sometimes you get to much hype for a fight, and the fight does not live up to its expectations. Then there are those great fights that no one hypes up, and you end up You Tubing it just to say you saw it. Well this was an under hyped fight that turned out being a real crowd pleaser against two real Ring Kings; so if you missed it YouTube this bad boy, or wait for the replay next week on HBO.  On May 5, more famously known a Cinco de Mayo Floyd Mayweather Jr faced WBA light middleweight champ Miguel Cotto in the MGM, at Las Vegas, Nevada. A fight that was made one month before Mayweather’s 90 day prison term began. I for one did not give Cotto a chance, I believed that Money would beat Cotto easily, even knocking him out. When I’m wrong I’m first to I admit it,  I was pleased to be wrong. Although Cotto did not get dropped and did not get beaten up, I was pleased by the fact that someone stood up to Mayweather and actually won some rounds against him. I must say in Floyd’s defense his ability to adapt, is uncanny. So after a few rounds going to Cotto in the middle rounds on my scorecard Floyd took the latter half of the fight convincingly. Floyd went on to win this gritty fight by unanimous decision. After a post fight interview where he kissed and made up with Larry Merchant, I thought the jab, right cross was gonna come out like in the Victor Ortiz make up. Then again I was kinda tipsy.

I have to get something off my chest before anything, Shane Mosley should retire. Ok now with that out of the way I had a few words to say about the Saul “Canelo” Alvarez vs “Sugar” Shane Mosley match before the Main Event on Saturday night. Fact is Canelo beat the crap out on Shane. I have always liked Shane’s style as well as his kind disposition, and I know boxing feeds his family. I just think he should hang the gloves up, ones health is more important then money any day. So with that being said..The match went as expected. Shane came out strong for round one setting a pace which I thought would suite him, but that was just a round. I don’t know if Canelo figured him out, or if he hurt Mosley, but after the first round it was target practice from then on. Alvarez showed poise, accurate punching, decent defense and not to mention big power against Mosley. He showed off his set of skills for the next eleven rounds out pointing Shane easily, and scored an easy unanimous decision victory. I don’t wanna sound like I’m the president of the Canelo Alvarez fan club, but if they groom this kid correctly and the money and fame doesn’t get to his head; Golden Boy Productions will make a fortune with Alvarez on contract. Gossip on Twitter is Canelo is not 21 years old like they say, but that he is 25 years old. Canelo’s passport was posted on a Mexican website supposedly by his coach and has gone viral.

Upset of the week is a Draw between Carlos Quintana knocking out DeAndre Lattimore in the Opening bout of Mayweather-Cotto in the 6th round, and Paul McClosky getting stopped by Demarcus “Chop Chop” Corley in the 10th on Fridays main event in Belfast, Ireland. Great show put on by both ring veterans.

It seems that Nonito Donaire is scheduled to face Cristian Mijares on July 7, at the Home Depot Center in Carson, California. I’d love to see a battle between Donaire and Abner Mares, or Whodini  himself Yuriorkis Gamboa. I’m sure we won’t see Gamboa in action for awhile especially now that Bob Arum knows that Gamboa and Floyd are Buddies.

Matches that are signed and are in danger of ever happening are Lucian Bute vs. Carl Froch due to an infection in Bute’s foot. The combatants are set to fight in Nottingham, UK for Bute’s IBF super-middleweight belt. Bute has been prescribed antibiotics and seems to be improving I will have more on this later in the week.

The real news of a fight in jeopardy is the Amir Khan vs Lamont Peterson match. The May 19 title defense, in Mandalay Bay may be cancelled because Lamont tested positive for synthetic testosterone. More to come on that story as its getting more interesting by the minute as it seems that Richard Schaefer either knew nothing or did a good job covering it up. Now Khan may be looking for a substitute… Zab Judah maybe, or how about
Pee Pee mouth.. I’ll keep you posted.

Lots of buzz going around even after fight week, and we have a few fights coming up before the Pacquiao-Bradley showdown on June 9th. So we at will be busy keeping you guys informed of any news or gossip going around. Don’t forget to tune into our live show Thursdays and Sundays 7-9pm. Shout out to all the Fight Fans!!

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